Deadpool 3 is approaching, construction is about to begin

After a long wait, something seems to move and Deadpool 3 seems to approach, the work on the production of the film is about to begin. And that’s great news for all fans of the most irreverent character of the Marvel.

A post appeared on the official Twitter profile regarding an update on the highly anticipated third film in the saga starring Ryan Reynolds, a caption appears just above the image that jokingly announces that the brand has already been blocked, and soon the story, characters, and the script will be defined.

The image you can see above shows Peter (Rob Delaney) in the scene where the X-Force members are enlisted. However, the image has been modified to contain various references to Reynolds’ associated or proprietary trademarks such as the Mint Mobile jacket, Aviation Gin, and Wrexham FC.

Let’s admit this little taste of material it’s too little to be able to define it all, cheer, and rush to pre-order movie tickets, however, it is still better than absolute silence.

The same absolute silence that apparently surrounds Morena Baccarinthe actress in fact after having interpreted the role of Vanessa (deceased character in the second film), was left totally in the dark, and although there may be the basis for a return of the character, of which we do not spoilers, currently not if confirms it.

The actress, also an interpreter of Anna, leader of the Visitors Anna in V – Visitors, says she is always the last to know things, and even the questions (every six months) addressed to Ryan Reynolds do not get results, as for each question he answers with further questions.

In short, around Deadpool 3 there are still many things to define yet even the “little announcement” that the film is approaching and the works are about to begin is still something to be happy about.

Pending further information on this, we can not help but add a sentence: “Ryan Reynold, however, in the end, he told you !!!”. When? To find out, you just need to read our article.