Dead Space could soon become a movie, according to John Carpenter

It’s been a year since John Carpenter himself announced that he would like to work on a film based on the Dead Space series, and finally today we have some more news on a hypothetical film adaptation. During an interview for AV Club, Carpenter said:

I think they already got another director. And they never asked me to.

This sentence, which smacks a lot of involuntary leak, actually seems to confirm two things. First, a Dead Space movie is actually in production. Second, Carpenter will have nothing to do with the production. Carpenter also pledged that, as much as he would have liked it, the line he said last year meant nothing more than a wish.

No, no, no. I still can’t believe how viral that sentence has gone. I’m a super fan of the games, and have played them all. I was looking at the new digital cameras, the REDs, and I happened to say that I would love to make a film about Dead Space. And then the line got everywhere and everyone started asking me “Oh, when are you going to do this?” I will not do that.

In short, this news certainly leaves us happy, but with a little bitterness in the mouth.