Dead Island 2 reaches next milestone, soundtrack available for free

The zombie slasher Dead Island 2 is still on the road to success, hitting one milestone after another in just a few weeks. To mark this, the soundtrack was released as a free stream.

Already on the launch weekend, over a million copies of Dead Island 2 sold, which have since doubled to 2 million units. This is probably mainly due to the mostly very good reviews that came out Dead Island 2 made a real surprise hit this year.

According to the publisher Plaion is Dead Island 2 making it one of the biggest releases in terms of sales and revenue.

to the current success commented one:

“I am pleased to report that the game has sold well over two million copies,” said Lars Wingefors, co-founder and CEO of Embracer Group. “It is gratifying to see that the decision [Dambuster Studios] Giving time to refine the game really paid off.”

Dead Island 2 soundtrack available

To celebrate this success with fans, Plaion has made the game’s official soundtrack available as a free stream, available on Spotify and more.

Ryan Williams, Composer and Senior Audio Designer at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, has composed most of the tracks with the help of veteran UK music company Feel For Music.

Dead Island 2 Soundtrack Cover

In addition to his work on the soundtrack and instrumental music of Dead Island 2 Williams also has experience in weapon design and cinematic special effects. His lifelong passion for all things horror is the driving force behind his creative work.

Our impressions too Dead Island 2 can also be read in our review of the game.

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