DC Universe, video games and future films will share the same universe

However, it is talked about after Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

The DC Universefor some time passed under the guidance of James Gunn, sees in its future a series of interpretations and adaptations designed in the name of consistency. In other words, the extended universe linked to DC comics, which includes animation projects, cinematic works and productions destined for streaming platforms, will be built to have interrelated stories. This rule, apparently, will also be maintained in the videogame field.

The DC Universe in video games will likely start after Suicide Squad

To a specific question about TwitterJames Gunn confirmed it. “Are there any plans to connect video games to the DC Universe as well, Mr Gunn?indeed asks a certain Robbie in response to the director’s tweet confirming the interconnection between films. And Gunn just replies with a resounding “yes”, which however hides a very important promise for fans of the DC universe.

But what could these games be? After the recent Gotham Knightswhich followed a line of its own, the next project on the horizon is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. However, the development of this game has been underway for several years and it is difficult to imagine that Gunn’s influence could be felt. Not only that, but the Rocksteady developers have confirmed that the reference context will be that of theArkhamverse.

With a good approximation, therefore, we can deduce that the titles that will arrive after Suicide Squad will begin to fit into the new course of integration of the stories of the DC Universe. Among these we point out for now the new IP dedicated to Wonder Woman, presented at last year’s The Game Awards and still a long way from being released. It is very likely that the history of the game could be written taking into account the indications given by James Gunn, also because the hiring of senior writer Jennifer Allaway dates back to just three months ago.

The coherence between cinema and video games will surely please superhero fans, who have already shown in the past that they don’t like the differences introduced in the transition from one medium to another too much.