David’s son Tyler Tennant joins the cast of the HBO TV series

It seems that in House of the Dragon there is as much Game of Thrones as Doctor Who. Many are enjoying Matt Smith’s performance as Daemon Targaryen. The actor, former interpreter of the eleventh incarnation of the BBC’s most famous Time Lord, is one of the main protagonists of this series set several years before Game of Thrones.

Leaving aside for a moment the intricate relationships that bind the various characters, the series is ready to welcome another actor linked in some way to the world of Doctor Who among its cast members. We are talking about Tyler Tennant, son of David (interpreter of the Tenth Doctor and Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). Tyler is, by extension, also the grandson of Pete Davison (born Moffat), the fifth incarnation of Doctor Who. Curious family ties and leaps in time that create a parallel between House of the Dragon and the various interpreters of Doctor Who. In the next paragraph a non-exhaustive explanation but which may contain spoilers. Reader warned… reader warned.

In the next episode of House of the Dragon, aired by us on Now TV, we will see a further 10-year Time Skip. Tyler Tennant is called to give face, character and voice to a grown Aegon II Targaryen, son of Viserys I, current occupant of the Iron Throne. Aegon II, ancestor of Daenerys, Viserys III and Rhaegar Targaryen, was one of two possible suitors to the Iron Throne upon Viserys I’s death. Dragons. At the end of what was in effect a civil war. Rhaenyra, whose age will also have to be adapted, will be played by Emma D’Arcy, who succeeded Milly Alcock.


According to Matt Smith, however, the significant time leaps should be – almost – over. Rumors continue on a possible sequel to the original series starring Jon Snow.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly