Dark fantasy adventure I, The Inquisitor announced for PC and consoles

The Polish developer The Dust SA presented I, The Inquisitor. It is a action adventure in a dark fantasy setting which is inspired by the novels of the Polish writer Jacek Piekara, known precisely for the stories starring the inquisitor Mordimer Madderdin.

The game will put us right in the shoes of Mordimer by letting us immerse ourselves in an alternative land where the Christian religion has evolved in a different way: Jesus was crucified but managed to escape death and abandoned himself to an irrepressible anger, which he unleashes with unprecedented violence on all unbelievers after having freed himself from the nails. After several centuries, an army of Inquisitors, leading a bloody Church, enslaves people by force, forcing them to the faith.
As Inquisitor in the service of God, we are sent to the town of Koenigstein to be afflicted with a series of mysteries and sins to be eradicated. While solving crimes and cases of transgression against the faith, however, we learn of the existence of an even darker evil from an otherworldly world that is trying to infiltrate the realm of the living.
The developers promise a non-linear story that will test the moral values ​​of the players, where the choices made during the adventure will shape the path followed by the Inquisitor. He will not miss an action combat system focused on sword fighting and perfecting martial skills.
Finally, we point out that I, The Inquisitor doesn’t have an official release date yetbut will be released soon on PCPS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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