Cryptocurrencies collapse and gamers’ hope arises

Could we see a return to normal?

For a long time, indeed too long, PC gamers have had to make a huge effort and rely heavily on luck to get their hands on a Nvidia GPU or AMD high profile, due to the huge turnover of cryptocurrency miners, who buy GPUs in industrial quantities. The creation of graphics cards dedicated to them was of little use: this made products dedicated to gaming on paper available, but in practice the exponential growth in the demand for components to produce mining GPUs in conjunction with the semiconductor crisis has created a market for gaming GPUs that are still poor in stock.

However, hope arises for gaming GPUs, and it does so from the collapse of cryptocurrencies:

Recently, the cryptocurrency market has experienced a dramatic collapse, causing enormous damage to various investors, among other things, and as stated by SY Hsuco-CEO of ASUSthe demand for dedicated mining GPUs has been greatly reduced after these chores.

If we add the collapse of cryptocurrencies with a consequent drop in the demand for specific GPUs (which creates greater stocks of raw materials) to the increasing commitment that Nvidia And AMD are dedicating to differentiate the gaming market from that of mining and meet both requests, perhaps thanks to all this in the near future we will return close to normal, and assembling a gaming PC will no longer be a titanic undertaking as it was in the recent past.

If all goes well and the situation continues on this slope, it is possible that within the next period of the launch of graphics cards Nvidia RTX series 40 – predictable period in broad terms due to their now cemented production routines but not yet announced – perhaps, and I really hope, to get your hands on a good GPU you will not be forced to shell out absurd amounts or spend in long online searches.

The next gaming GPUs Nvidia and AMD they should all be equipped with systems that limit their usability in mining, and with less demand on the one hand and more stocks on the other, this hope is not so absurd. Could this be the right time that I can get a gaming PC in peace? Precisely this crisis prompted me at the time to embrace the next-gen with consoles rather than with the PC as my usual – perhaps soon I will be able to remedy it.

And you, what do you think? Is there a risk that the cryptocurrency market will rise again, nullifying this gamer hope? Or are we well on our way back to the old and comforting normality? Tell us in the space dedicated to comments!