CROWZ OBT to take place during Steam Next Fest


Korean publisher ThumbAge has announced the start of open beta testing of the first-person shooter “CROWZ: The OBT” will take place during the Steam Next Fest, February 21-28.

Individuals aged 18 and over can participate in beta testing.

All participants who join the testing and fill out the questionnaire will receive special skins for their character. In addition, ThumbAge will host a live broadcast of the CROWZ OBT, during which gamers who find the developers in the game and manage to take a screenshot with them will receive a “Welcome Kit“.

During beta testing of the shooter, 2 modes will be available:

  • Blue Whale mode
  • Squad Operation mode

Blue Whale mode for a task force consisting of 4 people and Blood Zone, where 64 players will be divided into two teams.

In Squad Operation mode, players must collect the valuable Q-on resource and keep it safe. In Blood Zone, a large-scale siege war, users will need to fight other gamers.