Crossfire: Legion – Preview of the new Prime Matter RTS in Early Access

We have been talking for some time now about Crossfire: Legiona new title belonging to the Crossfire brand that this time is ready to be reborn under a completely different perspective than what we have seen up to now, given that we are talking about a strategic RTS based on the futuristic warfare and on the politics of this universe. The new game was born thanks to the developer Blackbird Interactive under the aegis of the label of Prime Matter. This, as part of Koch Media, has the opportunity to allow the company to spot many games with great potential, in order to extrapolate from them the best that the authors have the opportunity to offer. We are specifically dealing with a title that has been rendered available in Early Accessand that we have had the opportunity to try in depth both as regards the individual multiplayer games, and as regards the Story mode, even if it is good to consider that at the moment it is only impressions about the contents of Crossfire: Legion.

Prime Matter’s futuristic RTS

In fact, we are dealing with a game still under development, and which is somewhat incomplete for both the absence of some mechanics – which could arrive over time, such as the ability to customize the army of the campaign mode when proceeding between the various missions – both for that the incompleteness of this, and of the title in general, with in fact a Story mode that will have to necessarily be deepened only when all the chapters of the game have been made available.

In this case we got to try out four different chapters, all of which offered a quick tutorial style cue in order to allow easy understanding of the game mechanics, but also introduced what will be the events of Crossfire: Legion, which we have only been able to taste in this Early Access mode. It must be said that this is not a campaign that seems revolutionary as far as the narrative is concerned, but that nonetheless The topics discussed turn out somewhat interestingand they have a way of blend in to the gameplay with the passing of hours of play. We obviously hope that the additional contents that will be added over the next few months can conclude everything with a qualitative leap, continuing the extreme variety proposed in the first chapters.

As for the premises we are dealing with a new generation war which is carried on by three different factions, with real-time combat that mixes players’ speed, tactics and strategy, as well as knowledge of the possibilities of their armies, useful in order to be able to conquer the battlefield by defeating the various opponents. We find the presence of commanders with rather interesting MOBA-style abilities, but it is also good to command and manage all the units in the best way in order to grow your army correctly, taking advantage of the skills of three different teams, that is New Horizon, Global Risk And Black Listin this case all three made available in the early access phase that we had the opportunity to try.

Crossfire Legion

Still everything to prove

It must be said that, despite having to do with the same game, we are dealing with many gameplay differences and variety as regards the situations that are proposed, with greater or lesser management difficulties, which, based on the exploitation of resources, revolutionize the play sector. If there is a “flaw” that we may have found putting our hand to the first hours of Crossfire: Legion in Early Access, this is related to the presence of a lot of interesting mechanics… but of limited innovationwhich in fact has got to make the most of other RTSs launched on the market.

The absence of innovation in various areas is not necessarily to be considered as a defect, and indeed being able to bring to an excellent level what has been seen up to now is certainly an important task, with the development that is based on solid foundations in order to be able to package a noteworthy experience. Obviously it is still early, despite having had the opportunity to taste the game system and its campaign, to judge what we will see when the final experience is released, with further details that will be discussed in the course of our review of Crossfire: Legion after the game is officially out of Early Access.