critics are raving about Obsidian Entertainment’s new title

Pentiment, the latest effort by Obsidian Entertainment, has been officially available for purchase for a few hours. However, in the hours preceding its debut, the first reviews of the international press emerged, reviews that are promoting the title with flying colors.

On Metacritic the game currently has a score of 86 out of 42 reviews, which for the most part praise almost every aspect of the production. Here are some examples:

  • But Why Tho: 100
  • Somos Xbox: 100
  • Dexerto: 100
  • ScreenRant: 100
  • VG247: 100
  • WellPlayed: 100
  • Windows Central: 100
  • CGMagazine:95
  • Launcher (The Washington Post): 90
  • IGN France: 90
  • Checkpoint Gaming: 90
  • Even Xboxes: 90
  • God is a Geek: 90
  • Noisy Pixels: 90
  • Gaming Nexus:88
  • IGN Italy:88
  • Xbox Era:87
  • Xbox world:83
  • VCG: 80
  • Consolas hobbies: 73
  • Slant Magazine: 60
  • Game Spot: 60

Observing the evaluations assigned, it can be seen that most of the publications have given Pentiment a decidedly high scoreranging from 100 to 80, also leaving room for some 60. The narrative style and the artistic direction of the game are praised in particular, which make Pentiment a decidedly interesting product.


In Pentiment players will be transported to live a story characterized by murders and mysteries. Impersonating Andreas Maeleran artist involved in several scandals and intrigues, you will find yourself interacting with characters from different social backgrounds with the aim of solving the mysteries surrounding the Bavarian town of Tassing and the nearby Kiersau Abbey in what could prove to be one of the RPG most successful in recent times.

Pentiment is available on Windows 10 and 11, Steam and across the Xbox range. The game is also available now on Xbox and PC Game Pass. And you, will you play it? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Source: Metacritics