Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion, tested by Milan Games Week 2022

Crisis Core, the prequel to Final Fantasy VII, the most popular and beloved chapter of the hugely popular RPG saga, is extremely divisive video game. There are those who love the adventure of Zack Fairstating that it helped give depth to Cloud’s character, while there is another group of gamers who are less happy with Crisis Core, often criticizing how it has altered too much what is told in the seventh chapter.

It will be out shortly Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunionprecisely the December 13th, and it’s a remake of the original game for next generation consoles. In this way not only are gamers given the opportunity to discover or rediscover a game that was originally only present on the Playstation Portable, but also to better develop the continuity that began with Final Fantasy VII Remake.

On the occasion of the Milan Games Week 2022, we had to try the video game for a long time, in a version that seemed to be the final version of the video game rather than a Demo.

Remade or Remastered

A major topic of confusion revolving around this new version of Is Crisis Core: Remake or Remastered? No. It’s not a Remake.

The game has not been remade from 0, but it is a Remastered, but a luxury Remastered.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion comparison

The technical aspect has been totally revolutionized, and the video game uses a version similar to that of Final Fantasy VII Remastered. With this Engine the character models come off as incredible when you consider the original game, and the step forward is evident. It cannot be said that this is a simple HD version.

The scenarios have also been revised and made pleasant by today’s standards, and generally, throughout the long test carried out, there has been no major technical flaw.

The animations, despite being the same as the original video game, do not clash, even if they represent the most dated technical aspect of the production.

A big reissue work, which doesn’t make you miss the original version at all.

The gameplay

Crisis Core had a very particular combat system, which defined itself as an Action RPG. It had systems that worked automatically that didn’t make the video game pure action, for this re-release some things have been changed.

Now with Crisis Core Reunion, the title has become practically a linear Hack n’Slash. The pace is very dynamic, with the continuous alternation of strikes, dodges and spells to strike from a distance.

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This approach to gameplay, redesigned specifically for home consoles, is fluid, simple and fun, and generally successful. It remains to be seen if with the progression of the game the RPG elements take on a more important role but even in the original version, Crisis Core has always been closer to an action game than anything else.

The biggest issue with this revamped combat system is depth. Before it wasn’t a real action game, but now, at least on paper, it is, and in fact by playing you notice the lack of alternative combos, options for different situations, dodging attacks and so on.

I don’t think there’s a real addition to the gameplay to be expected, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some depth added.

Now it can be said that the gameplay is both the aspect that most aroused interest from the production, but also the one for which there is some doubt.

A short wait

Crisis Core Reunion is upon us. There is still very little to wait to get the game out of your hands, but what was tested during this Milan Games Week 2022 was much more than convincing.

The technical aspect is superfine, it almost seems like playing a brand new video game, and the gameplay has also undergone a proper evolution suitable for the consoles for which the title will soon be proposed.

The main doubt, which cannot yet be answered, is in the narrative, excellent in the original title, but some changes, even big ones, are perhaps inevitable. An aspect that could undoubtedly compromise the purchase of the title for many fans of the original game.

But regardless of this last aspectthe video game seems to have all it takes to re-propose Zack Fair’s adventure in the best possible way.

We remind you that the game will be available on old and new generation consoles and Nintendo Switch.