Counter Strike Global Offensive, a $ 5 million account has been forever banned from steam

A Counter Strike Global Offensive player has lost almost $ 5 million worth of skins and miscellaneous items since he was forever banned from Steam

One of the FPS most popular is Counter Strike Global Offensive. On Steam the game it involves millions of players who have remained loyal to the game thanks to its content, such as skins.

However the skins they are not only one of the most desired content, but they represent a real economy with costs and valuations that can reach hundreds of thousands of euros. So much so that the player Seacat was the lucky owner of one of the richest accounts in the world, being in possession of a truly significant amount of skins / objects and which in value are approximately 5 million dollars.

A Counter Strike Global Offensive player loses nearly $ 5 million in skins and items due to a ban. The reason for this definitive suspension is not known.

From what appears Seacat was banned from Steam and therefore prevented from accessing and transferring / selling his skins to other accounts on Counter Strike Global Offensive. Player was banned on September 15th and that measure has been taken definitively with no subsequent possibility to retrieve the value of the skins by logging into your account in the future.

It was the known user on Twitter how Exerpas to make the situation known by showing the details of the inventory of Seacat, the banned player, with an image that allows you to get an idea of ​​the objects and skins.
In particular, the Seacat inventory includes:

  • four StatTrak M4A4 Howl with four holographic iBuyPower stickers
  • some Dragon Lores Souvenirs all in Factory New condition⁠,
  • rare stickers of the Major of Katowice 2014.
Exepars tweet about the player banned from Counter Strike Global Offensive

The items listed above (and shown in the Exerpas twit), along with other content, would bring the account value to $ 4,693,106.86.
However, Seacat’s situation is unclear, how it was cloaked in mysteryand in particular the reason for the suspension is not clear. The same Exerpas hypothesized a number of any reasons related to the suspension of the account in his recent tweet: the ban may have occurred due to cheatfor toxic behavior towards other players or even due to a mass report.

the Counter Strike Global Offensive trailer

Recall that in June the news of the theft of the account of HFB, a famous collector in the Counter Strike Global Offensive community, who owned an inventory of skins and objects worth 2 million dollars.

Nobody knows the true face and name of the robbed HFBa legendary character in the community around which a sort of myth has arisen, who would like to be a member of the royal family of Saudi Arabia who would have spent millions on objects and skins of Counter Strike Global Offensive even without being an actual player.

Again, the fact was made known by many users of the game, including the content creator ohnePixelwho wrote, on Twitter: “Over 2 million Counter Strike Global Offensive skins have been hacked and stolen (some of these items are being sold or moved just as we write). This is the most expensive inventory of all time, containing some of the most legendary items in the history of the game “. The inventory included seven AWP Dragon Lores Souvenirs as well as a Karambit, a unique object born from a technical problem that was later solved, and therefore unreproducible.

an artwork by Counter Strike Global offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive it’s a game multiplayer released in 2012. This is a shooter in the first person developed by Valve And Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the fourth in the Counter-Strike series.

Global Offensive was released for Windows, macOS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in August 2012, and for Linux in 2014. Valve still regularly updates the game with both minor balancing and larger patches with additional content.

counter strike global offensive cs go
Counter Strike Global Offensive released on August 21, 2012