Counter Strike 2 officially announced!

Counter Strike GO will soon replace Counter Strike 2 and thus start a new era of this immortal classic. Valve first reported it and showed more about her. Limited testing starts today and the game will be available to everyone in the summer.

Of these, the main thing is:

  • The game will be upgraded and reworked maps
  • Dynamic smoke from the chimney
  • Playability does not depend on tick-rate
  • Redesigned visual effects and sound
  • Move all CS:GO stuff to CS 2.
  • Engine will be Source 2

The transfer thing is the most important thing, because the whole business is organized around it, even without incorporating NFT.


Maps will now be clearer, more predictable and use the tools and options offered by the Source 2 engine. Mainly physically built materials or lighting. Effects of explosion, blood, impact, but also the interface itself will be pasted.


The heart of the game Counter-Strike 2 is a system of refreshing information independent of sweat ticks per second. While before, the servers received information about the game world only in certain time intervals (called ticks), with this new architecture, you can learn about the start of every move, the shot of every gun and the worth of every grant instantly.

No matter what the tickrate is, movement and energy always have the same response and grants always fly the same.


Responsive smoke itself will be a great asset to the game, as it can be shaped and directly tacticized with it: