Counter-Strike 2 is said to be a reality soon

Richard Lewis, což is a very prominent person in the communityě Counter-Strike and otherwise žjournalist focused on progaming, statesěč tournamentů, streamer and analyst.

From its sourcesů heard that it was laid out Counter-Strike 2 is supposed to be released, i.e. a new part of the ever-popular team-based strike game with a terrorist theme, built on the Source 2 engine with nice graphics, byť it will be at the cost of slightly higher HW requirementsů.

“The theme will definitely be called Counter-Strike 2 and the beta is expected to be released between mid-March and early April,” he said.

The game is supposed to bring server supportů with so-called 128 ticks to make it the sameě as with the competitor Valorant. Such servers totiž manage to get out twice as many things as the players did in the game, what resulting in more accurate gameplay and smoother matchmaking.

CSGO2 internal testing by third parties in Europe and the US allegedly hasě take place už since loňs autumn. Help will be provided; and drivers from Nvidia, which had file support with the allřname “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe”.

Sources claim that the game is a priority at Valve and that the team is composed of veterans who oversaw the previous installments of the series. For this reason, it is said that some of the ongoing difficulties in edch-dc have not been resolved, since už the studio is focusing on something else.