confirmed the series on God of War and Horizon

After the box office success of Uncharted: the movie and good projections for the series The Last of Us for HBO Maxit seems that Sony Pictures Television And PlayStation Productions have several plans in store to continue adapting their IPs to new formats, in this case the small screen. Apparently the Japanese giant will not stop with the already confirmed Twisted Metal for Peacockbut it will do much more.

Sony: the dream of fans

In a recent interview with shareholders, the Japanese company confirmed that it is working on the creation of various TV series such as: Horizon for Netflix, God of War for Prime Video And Gran Turismofrom the latter does not know the streaming platform and no further details were provided, in fact his announcement was not part of the presentation of Sony Pictures Television but it was an answer to one of the investors’ questions.

It had been months since Amazon was negotiating to get hold of the adaptation of God of War, but now the agreement is official putting an end to the rumors. There have also been rumors concerning Horizon in the past, although nothing really concrete to date. With regard to Gran Turismo there is excitement in social networks to know what kind of adaptation will be made. What is clear is that PlayStation Productions he intends to focus heavily on TV series.


No information has been shared regarding the release dates or the start of filming for these series, much less the names of its showrunners, actors involved, etc. The resources of PlayStation Productions currently concentrated for the series of Twisted Metal which is gradually revealing its main cast, as well as that of Ghost of Tsushima which the screenwriter in charge of the project recently confirmed.

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