Conan Exiles under a fifth of the price on Eneba

For better or for worse, dated or undated, liked or hated, Conan Exiles he was able to gather around himself a beautiful community, which still gives depth to his side multiplayerin which it performs better (taking nothing away from the single player side, which still knows how to be appreciated), and has also had a decent post launch support.

In case this pleasant (although not without its dents) survival experience has escaped you, as usual it comes to your aid Enebawhich proposes the version Steam from Conan Exiles With the’eighty-four percent discount on the current price.

conan exiles

Conan Exiles, what do you know about civilization?

Conan Exiles opens with a situation similar to that shown in an iconic scene from the film Conan the Barbarian (1982): a person crucified in the middle of a desert expanse battered by winds. Bad luck wants that person to be right our character (totally customizable from good survival).

conan exiles

Fate smiles upon us when we are freed from it Conanwho nevertheless leaves us to our destiny by recommending us to be strong along the road that awaits us, to which (in the words of the Cimmerian himself) death in the desert is by far preferable, in many cases.

Our (or ours) exile will therefore have to temper in his challenge to survival in a world populated by hostile creatures and equally warlike civilizations, exploiting what nature offers and starting from scratch a real civilization.