comes the crossover with Top Gun: Maverick

You recently went to the movies to watch Top Gun: Maverickremaining enchanted as our Gabriel? Do you dream of being able to take on the role of a fighter jet pilot, doing reckless maneuvers at supersonic speeds? Well then there is good news for you: Microsoft Flight Simulator in fact, it has recently been updated with a free expansion dedicated to flights by Tom Cruise and company.

This expansion, already available for downloadadds various free content to Microsoft Flight Simulator:

  • A livery for the F / A-18E Super Hornet inspired by Top Gun: Maverick
  • Three training missions for the Super Hornet, which will require us to master various complex maneuvers
  • Five low altitude challengesin which we will have to fly a short distance from mountain peaks and in the midst of rocky canyons
  • A challenge that requires us to landing on an aircraft carriera demanding gesture even for experienced pilots
  • A new aircraft capable of flying at Mach 10 speeds and above 45,000 meters above sea level
  • A mission that will take us to the stratosphere.

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