CoD: Warzone: “Season 3 Reloaded” new content released, dolly line in the basement of the caldera / new PERK “SERPENTINE” / 3 new items, etc.

Raven Software’s “Call of Duty: Warzone” is in the process of “Season 3”. On May 24th, Japan time, all the contents of “Season 3 Reloaded”, which is a mid-season update, were released.

“CoD: War Zone” Season 3 Reloaded

Season 3 “Top Secret Weapon” Reloaded, with many new features, new modes and new bundles, will start on the following dates.

  • “CoD: Vanguard”: 4:00 am on May 25, Japan time
  • “War Zone”: 1:00 am on May 26, Japan time

New element: Caldera underground minecart system


Convenient to move around each area of ​​the calderaUnderground minecart systemWill appear. The TAC map and minimap will now have a silver “Underground Door” icon in 14 locations on the island, which will allow you to access the underground space.

Seven of the 14 have long been used as hidden bunker for Nebula V, but you can discover the minecart hub by going further down from there. The remaining 7 are mechanisms that descend from the hatch to the basement, where you can also find a map of the entire route.

By interacting with the minecart, the name of the destination will be displayed, and you can automatically move to the destination from there. In the underground space, it is possible to know if there is an enemy nearby by using sound or light as a hint, it is basically safe if the traffic light nearby is green, and I guess what other colors mean. It’s a street. If the traffic light is off, it means that the gas is approaching and you can no longer reach that destination.

New PERK “Serpentine” to reduce damage during dashing


The new PERK “” that appears in the slot of PERK1Serpentine(Serpentine) ”will be unlocked by all players after the Season 3 Reloaded update.

  • Serpentine: Reduces damage taken from ammo, explosives, and fire by 20% while dashing

There are many competing PERKs in the PERK1 slot, but this is the perfect PERK to escape dangerous situations. On the other hand, if you attack a player equipped with Serpentine, a snake indicator will be displayed, so it is balanced so that the chasing side can also recognize it.

3 new ground items from “War Zone”


Three new useful items have been added to the various items that can be picked up on the battlefield.

  • Camp entry token
    • If you have this token, it will be automatically sent to the camp when you die, so if you can pick it up many times, you will have many chances to return to Batrowa. However, you can only have one at a time, and tokens will be converted to cache after the camp is closed.
  • Re-sortie withdrawal token
    • If you have this token, it will automatically re-sort when you die. You don’t have to go to the camp or buy a return request item at the purchase station. As with the camp entry token, you can only have one at a time and it will be converted to cash when the camp is closed.
  • Speed ​​boost
    • A rare item that is often obtained from supply drops in Clash mode, it automatically increases its movement speed when picked up, and when combined with sliding and jumping, it moves to places that were not possible before. You will be able to devise new tricks that take advantage of that mobility.

It’s a difficult item to find in normal Batrois mode, and its duration is limited, but if you use it well, you can lead your team to victory.

New Field Upgrade: Radar Jammer

Field upgrade “Familiar with normal CoD series multiRadar jammerWill also appear in the War Zone. It can disrupt enemy TAC maps and block kill streaks in a small area. However, as with any field upgrade, be aware that you will be hacked by a PERK “engineer”.

It cannot be equipped and sortie in modes such as Prander, but it can be acquired as a supply box or as a ground item with a low probability.

Permanent installation of high rarity zone

High-risk, high-reward “” that appeared in Operation MonarchHigh rarity zoneIs usually permanently installed in Batrowa. You can see this zone on the TAC map where you can literally pick up only rare items, but be aware that all players see the same thing. Be prepared for the danger of competing and take the plunge to win.

Warzone’s new limited-time mode “Champion of Caldera”


A tense free for all batrois mode for solos, aiming to be the “caldera champion”. Up to 150 solo players will sortie with a custom loadout, a gas mask, and a re-sortie exit token.

Ground items in this mode have a lot of equipment, and you can hardly find epic or legendary weapons. The purchase station has been upgraded, and you can purchase luxury items such as advanced UAVs and specialist bonuses with cash, and when you kill, you will recover health, equipment, and ammunition, so you are required to actively shoot.

Rebirth Island in-game event


In Season 3 Reloaded “Rebirth Island”, a new story-style game mode “Rebirth Island”Occupation Scan(Occupation scan) ”will be held.

Similar to Rebirth Resurgence, this mode repeatedly fires scan radar from the island’s radar tower, displaying the scanned operator’s position on other players’ TAC maps and minimaps. Although the time it is scanned is short, it is an event that gives operators a sense of urgency.


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