CoD: MWll: Commentary on the sector-conquering “new battle pass”, 100 items such as 2 new weapons can be obtained by any route / Up to 1,400 COD points in the paid version | EAA!!

Activision and Infinity Ward’s latest CoD series “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ll (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 / MWll)” will start “Season 01” on November 17, Japan time. Ahead of the release, the mechanics of the new Battle Pass system that will be implemented in Season 01 were explained in detail.

New battle pass with sector domination

Season 01 Battle Pass Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone 2.0

The content to be released in “CoD: MWll” “Season 01” has already been announced, but this time, a newbattle passI would like to introduce about

The conventional battle pass was a format in which all players progressed in a straight line from the beginning to the end of the tier, but the new battle pass has a top-down map like a strategy game (operation area).

All players have the same starting point, but the squares (sector) in any order you choose, earning new weapons (available in free sectors), weapon blueprints, operator skins, and other items along the way.

The free version Battle Pass allows you to acquire up to 20 items. Up to 100 items can be acquired by upgrading to the paid version. In addition, if you purchase the “Battle Pass Bundle”, the item used to unlock the item “Battle Token Tear Skip” will be given to you.

PS players will receive 5 more “Battle Token Tier Skips” for bundle purchases, for a total of 25. Those who purchase the “Treasured Edition” can receive 50 tokens (*In the explanation of the treasured version, the privilege content was “50 Tier Skip”, but according to the new system, “Battle Token Tier Skip 50 (The number of items that can be unlocked remains the same.)

new battle pass
A new battle pass that progresses through each sector in the operation area

There are 21 different Battle Pass Operational Areas for Season 01, from A0 to A20.combat sectoris divided into

A0 is a bonus area that can be unlocked immediately by purchasing the paid versionSo, although it is independent from other sectors, A1 to A20 are connected. By unlocking all combat sector items from A0 to A20,winning sector” will be unlocked, and you can earn a bonus reward (described later) that celebrates a complete victory.

Sectors along the way (including the paid version) also include COD points, which are paid currency in the game, and in the process of conquering all sectors1400 COD points totalis available. If you completely conquer the Season Battle Pass,COD points for battle pass purchases will be returnedso you can purchase more items in the store.

Operation Area Directions: Sector A1

Sector A01
Sector A1

The new battle pass is no longer a format that automatically advances, but requires some understanding of the rules.

All players must firstSector A1” departs from Each sector consists of up to 5 different items, sector A1 contains the following items:

  • Items in Sector A1
    • HVT: Weapon Blueprint “The Orbiter”
    • Calling card “Aerial Entrance”
    • Double Weapon XP Tokens
    • Emblem “Aerial Entrance”
    • Weapon charm “Paying Rent”

HVT(High Value Target) is the item that represents the sector and is displayed in each sector image. In sector A1, the weapon blueprint “The Orbiter” is the HVT.

To unlock an item, selectBattle Token Tear Skip‘ is required. It’s earned through matches, just like the traditional Battle Pass. In Season 01, you can earn up to 100 Battle Tokens/Tier Skips, equal to the number of items you can unlock. Those who purchased the “Treasured Edition” will have 50 battle tokens and tear skips from the beginning, so the maximum number of acquisitions will be 150.Overage can be carried over to the next season.

Items with the “Free” icon can be unlocked for free, others require the purchase of the Battle Pass. HVT items can be unlocked by unlocking 4 non-HVT items in the sector. So for Sector A1, you need 5 Battle Token Tier Skips to get the Weapon Blueprint “The Orbiter”.

Unlock Sector A0 with Battle Pass Purchase

Sector A0
Operator “Zeus” is available in Sector A0

By purchasing the Battle Pass or Battle Pass Bundle,Bonus sector A0is unlocked. Here is the new operator for the new season:Zeus(Zeus)” and a total of 5 items are included.

  • Items in Sector A0
    • Operator “Zeus”
    • 10% Battle Pass Boost
    • Weapon blueprint for SMG “Myth Maker”
    • Sub Weapon Blueprint “Articulate Response”
    • Gun screen “Chronophobia”

gun screenis a new weapon customization element, a widget attached to a weapon. “Chronophobia” isWeapons will now tell you the current time in real time.

How to get 2 new weapons


Two of the new weapons in Season 01 (BAS-P SMGWhenVictus XMR Sniper Rifle) can be unlocked as a free item in the new Battle Pass.

They are contained in sectors A6 and A7, respectively, and require at least 15 Battle Tokens/Tier Skips to unlock one of them. A6 and A7 are in opposite directions on the operation area, so you’ll need at least 30 Battle Tokens/Tear Skips to get both.

Featured HVT Items and Completion Rewards

As you progress through the Battle Pass, you’ll also earn attractive tactical outfits (skins) for your KorTac and SpecGru operators. All of them are HVT items, and to obtain them, you need to not only reach the sector, but also conquer the sector.

  • Sector A9: KorTac Mil-Sim Operator Skin “The Unseen”
  • Sector A11: Operator Skin “Ursidae” for Zero
  • Sector A18: Operator Skin “Blackout” for Roze

Furthermore, by conquering 100% of all 20 sectors excluding the bonus sector, Zeus operator skin decorated with gold “Olympus King” and other items can be obtained.

  • Season 01 Battle Pass Complete Conquest Reward
    • Operator skin for Zeus “Olympus King”
    • Weapon Blueprint “Mortal’s Bane”
    • 300 COD points

In “Season 01”, freely progress through the new battle pass and aim for 100% domination while acquiring new weapons and more. Each season brings new items and surprises one after another. The battle pass is not only linked to the multiplayer of “CoD: MWll”, but also the free Battle Royale “Warzone 2.0” released with “Season 01”. No matter which one you play, the items you earn will be usable in both titles.


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