Clanfolk arrives in July on Steam

Clanfolk will be launched in early access on July 14, 2022. Developed by MinMax Games and inspired by Prison Architect and Rimworldthe medieval scottish colony simulator offers a tough survival lesson.

Clanfolk: difficult by choice

Clanfolk is intentionally challenging and is designed to test players’ ability to survive the arrival of winter. Food will initially be abundant and warm nights until the seasons change and resources begin to dwindle. With the procedurally generated mapsplayers will have to find the perfect place to take root if their clan is to thrive.

Each member of your clan has i own behavioral traits which directly affect how each character lives their life in the colony. Some will have fear of the darkwhich means bedrooms should be well lit for better sleep, while others will have a elevated metabolism, so they will eat more food but work and move faster. Handle this, along with the farm maintenanceis the key not only to survive but also to build strong relationships with neighboring clans.

With fully simulated weather and seasons, each day in the Scottish Highlands is unique. As you clear the land and build your farm exactly how you like it, you will have to juggle a complex hierarchy of needs that governs how your Clanfolk live their lives. This will ultimately determine if you can hold out all winter. Played across generations, from birth to death, Clanfolk’s depth and reach is vast, giving players complete control over their experience and how they manage their survival. Will you survive the winter?

Game Features

  • Know and care for your Clanfolk, through the generations, from birth until their eventual death.
  • Develop strong relationships with neighboring clans by meeting guests, workers and traders.
  • Build your farm however you like.
  • A complex hierarchy of systems of needs governs how your Clanfolk live their lives in the community you plan for them.
  • Process resources and create whatever you need from the environment, using historically accurate methods.
  • Full world simulation including weather, seasons, heat, frost and more. Each day is different from the previous one.