Chefy-Chef the review of a really succulent platformer

If the name Chefy-Chef it sounds silly to you as a title and portends the classic game budget, which has nothing to say, well I can assure you that you are very wrong. The game created by Bug-Studio and released by Ratalaika it’s fun, enjoyable, and really well done. Even technically, with its graphics in 2D pixelated particularly colorful, it is truly a feast for the eyes. Never as in this case the saying “Do not judge a book by its cover” it is particularly apt.

Chefy in another dimension

The story is particularly basic and serves only as a pretext to be able to face the game levels. You will play the chef Chefywhich during the preparation of a salad of pineapple And turnips (I can tell you that while it sounds like crap, in some countries it is considered a delicacy), it gets sucked out of the refrigerator into another dimension.

In these places we will have to find all the raw materials useful for cooking our dish. The ingredients to be found will bepineapplethe turnips and the milk. To do this we will have to explore one junglefrom the mountains snowy and the swamps. As you can see and as I have already told you, this is just a pretext to be able to face this very colorful one platform which winks at the typical structures of metroidvaniabut with smaller rooms.

Jump, climb and teleport

The gameplay from Chefy-Chef it is the classic one of any platform and its numerous levels are divided into three worlds, namely: jungle, snowy mountains And swamps. The main objective will be to find the three hidden ingredients ie pineapple, milk And turnips. In addition to this, in a more hidden way, we will also have to look for a Hamburger. The latter will be totally optional and will mainly serve to unlock different costumes for Chefy. As a reward she is a little thin, but so be it.


As you explore the levels you will be hampered by numerous enemies, all of which vary from crocodiles at monkeys. Nothing particularly challenging, but enough to increase the challenge rate. To help us in our adventure we will have to find gods power up, such as knives, Pans And meat tenderizer.

The knife it will serve to face the enemies and climb the walls of the levels, the pan to teleport you from one point to another and the meat tenderizer to be able to take particularly high jumps. In addition to these you will also need to find the book of recipes that will act as check-point.


The controls respond particularly well and are so simple they make it Chefy-Chef just suitable for everyone, both al neophyte that who never took the pad in his hand, but also to the player sailed. One key for jumpone for throw the knives, the other to use the meat tenderizer e stand out some important leaps and finally one for teleport thanks to the pan.


Also levels they are very well structured, since the former will be particularly simple and will mainly serve to take confidence with everything, but continuing in the game these will increase in difficulty will represent an excellent challenge for the player.

The only flaw of Chefy-Chef lies in the fact that for all levels of the game you will have to repeat the same actions over and over again. There will never be one variation in the objectives. The only differentiation consists in the structure of the levels: these will be proposed both in a way vertical that horizontal making everything look like a styled title Metroid.

Graphically truly delightful

Pass me the term particularly in line with the mood of the title, but Chefy-Chef it really has graphics deliciousin fact, everything is represented in a graphic 2D pixelatedwhich seems straight out of the glorious consoles of the a 16 bita period in which titles of this kind were depopulated.

Colored with fired tones that adapt very well to the environments that you will have to explore. Even in terms of animation you will never find a jam of any kind and everything turns like a marvel.


Even the soundalthough nothing in particular, it is spot on and never clashes with the general atmosphere of Chefy-Chef.