Charizard is the most loved and sought-after Pokémon in Italy, reveals a ranking! Pikachu is the most popular overseas

In Italy we are particularly fond of dragons, it would seem. According to a ranking created by EnterTheToyZone, Charizard is in fact the most searched Pokémon in our peninsula, as well as the favorite of the Italians. The user created this huge infographic, containing all the favorite Pokémon of each nation, using Google search results. What came out of it is very interesting.

Apparently, Charizard is also very popular in other countries such as Ireland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, El Salvador, Estonia, Andorra and England, topping the charts. In other European countries, like France or Luxembourg, Her Majesty Mewtwo is the master, putting all other Pokémon to sleep. Lapras, on the other hand, is the favorite in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands, while in Japan the adorable Eevee (also the protagonist of a touching Christmas story) stands out.

Mew rules the rankings of countries such as Russia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Indonesia and Zimbabwe. In Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, instead, Vaporeon leads the leadership. The most wanted Pokémon of all, though, is the obvious Pikachu. In fact, the plump rodent stands out in over 30 countries. It is mainly in Asia that Pikachu has considerable notoriety. We wouldn’t be surprised if this one also grew thanks to her recent victory in the Pokémon anime.


In general, the classic Pokémon lead the rankings, a symptom that these continue to be the most popular. In particular, it is Pikachu who totally imposes himself on the competition, imposing a domain that is never really in question. And you, Gametimers, which Pokémon do you prefer? Tell us in the comments as always.

In the meantime, let’s remember that Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet have surpassed, in just 2 months, the sales totaled by Pokémon Sword and Shield in the three years since its release. A simply impressive result, which confirms that the Pokémon brand is healthier than ever.

Source: GamesRadar+