CEOs of major companies use passwords that are too simple, according to research by NordPass!

The passwords used by the CEOs of large companies would be very simple to guess, all of which emerged in one NordPass search, a well-known company famous for its VPN service. According to this study, which analyzed further 290 million user data from all over the world, it appears that all these passwords are very similar and common to the rest of the community. The most used are ‘1 2 3 4 5 6‘,’picture1‘and also the usualpassword‘.

These entrepreneurs also use gods a lot names like their passwords. 100,534 of these were ‘Tiffany‘, 33,699’Charlie‘, 10,647’Michael‘and 10,472’Jordan‘. According to PCGamer, Ash Smith recommended creating one with just three random words. To remind them, he was advised to create a story in his head about those words.

This problem of weak passwords is related to the ability of malicious people to gain access to the most important information that involves company employees. According to the well-known US supplier Verizon80% of this data from the world’s leading companies is tied to secret words that are too easy to guess and that could endanger some sensitive data.


NordPass suggests changing your password every 90 days with a mix of upper and lower case letters and creating a different one for each account. All of this is convenient to avoid ending up in gigantic collections of passwords created by hackers.

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Source: PCGamer