CD Projekt RED admits The Witcher 3’s ‘final secret’ is buggy and vows to fix it

CD Projekt RED admits The Witcher 3's 'final secret' is buggy and vows to fix it

The Witcher 3 player managed to find the secret that the developer once hinted at, but he was met with a bug.

Recently, a player under the nickname xLetalis spoke about what he found in The Witcher 3 . He describes his find as “the last secret “, which is a dead Vivienne in her room, seven years later the same time, the screenshot shows that the character’s body is clearly bugged.

dead Vivienne

A developer from CD Projekt RED commented on the find. Philipp Weber wrote: “ Amazing find! I’m very curious what your approach was towards the end! I think the bug may be due to the physics of the fabric on her dress. Usually, when we show a dead character, it is a static model, but this secret was made right before we could add something new. Need to fix it .”

At the same time, CD Projekt RED did not unequivocally answer whether this is really The Witcher 3’s “last secret” or whether players can find something else.