Capcom wants to breathe new life into old inactive IPs

Capcom wants to bring old IPs back to life

Over a new Q&A dedicated to investor relations, Capcom suggested it might bring some of its idle game series back to life. Founded in 1983, Capcom owns one of the largest libraries in IP originals of all video games. However, while successful franchises like Resident Evil continue to receive new iterations and remakes of classic games, franchises such as Lost Planet, Power Stone And Okami they haven’t seen any new titles in many years.

When asked, he specifies what plans the company has for his IP inactive, Capcom he answered:

“We are currently developing plans for our pipeline based on market demand data.”

“In the future, we will continue to take customer wishes into consideration as we develop our line of titles.”

The last time the Beat ’em up Viewtiful Joedirected by Hideki Kamiyahe had a new game he was in 2005. Darkstalkersa fighting game franchise hugely popular with hardcore fans, hasn’t had a new title, other than remakes or remasters, since 1997. In the 2020the company announced Pragmatichis first original franchise in a decade.

Pragmata: Capcom’s new IP

Pragmatic will be the first IP completely new of Capcom made for consoles and released worldwide afterwards Dragon’s Dogma of the 2012 (Megami Meguri of the 2016 was only released in Japan). Originally scheduled for 2022the game has been postponed to 2023 for “To ensure that the game is an unforgettable adventure”. The company had stated at the time:

“Our team is working hard on the project, but to ensure it is an unforgettable adventure, we have decided to move the release window to 2023”

The company manager of Capcom, Ryozo Tsujimotohad said in 2019 that the company “He is not giving up” to the idea of ​​creating new original game series, despite having recently focused on core franchises such as Monster Hunter And Resident Evil.