Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation. Phil Spencer definitively clarifies the question of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard

If on the one hand the acquisition of Activision Blizzard on the part of Microsoft it does not seem destined to close in the short term, making it necessary also for the intervention of the European Commission, on the other Phil Spencer continues to reassure all parties involved that no competitor will be harmed in the future. The CEO of Microsoft Gaming has in fact repeatedly underlined a very important aspect of this whole matter: call of Duty. For Spencer, the title that Sony seems to care a lot about will not become Xbox exclusive and will continue to be released on all other platforms. And it is precisely in a recent interview with The Verge that Spencer tried to definitively clarify this question.

During the interview, the famous FPS was one of the main topics of the chat. For each question related to Call of Duty Phil Spencer each time underlined the fact that at Microsoft there is no plan to take the title away from PlayStation. Title that right now will continue to come out even on a future PlayStation 7.

It’s not like I’m going to pull the rug out from under the PlayStation 7 at some point and say ‘hahaha, you didn’t sign long enough’. There is no contract that establishes something forever” Spencer says.


The idea that we can enter into a contract with forever in it I think is a bit silly, but I would have no problem making a more lasting commitment that Sony and the regulators feel comfortable with.“.

In case these words weren’t enough to understand Microsoft’s intentions, Spencer becomes much more explicit before concluding the interview. “Call of Duty will remain available on PlayStation. There will be no obligation to subscribe to Game Pass and it will not be streamed. It will be a native game, like those released to date. I’m not hiding anything from you“.

Speaking of Call of Duty, these days players will be able to launch themselves into new adrenaline-pumping battles thanks to Warzone 2.0. Be careful though, to be able to play it will be necessary to make a lot of space on your consoles. According to the latest rumors Warzone 2.0 will weigh over 100 GB.

Source: The Verge