Call of Duty will be out on PlayStation until at least 2025, according to Tom Henderson

The last word has not yet been said. Microsoft Gaming’s acquisition of Activision is yet to be finalized. Times are getting longer due to the investigations carried out by the Federal Trade Commission. From the very first moment there have been those who feared that Call of Duty could become an Xbox exclusive. The first reassurances provided by Phil Spencer – who said he did not want to steal games from PlayStation users – however, were not enough to calm the spirits. Now, Tom Henderson also intervenes on the matter.

The leaker, through his twitter profile, claims to be aware of different background concerning the agreements made between Sony and Activision. The two parties would have found themselves to ensure continuity to the releases on PlayStation 5 even after the acquisition has taken place. According to Henderson, however, this situation is not destined, at least for the moment, to last forever. Will Call of Duty continue to arrive on PlayStation? Yes. But until 2025, maximum 2026, Henderson argues.

Henderson’s post comes in response to another tweet that commented on the inaccuracy of a rumor that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (due out in October) wanted to arrive on Game Pass starting from day-one. According to Henderson, even if Microsoft decides not to interfere with the existing agreements between Sony and Activision, these would in any case become extinct in that time window. The leaker’s thesis is currently not supported by public documents or official statements by any of the parties involved. It should therefore be emphasized that the statement made should be interpreted as mere speculation of Henderson and not as certain, definitive and confirmed news. Jack Tretton, former executive of PlayStation USA had commented on the possibility of seeing Call of Duty as an Xbox exclusive, calling it a senseless choice for everyone.


Source: Tom Henderson