Call of Duty will also be released on PlayStation 7, promises Phil Spencer

Spencer reiterates how the CoD series will continue to land on PlayStation in the future.

During a new video interview organized during the Decoder podcast by The Vergethe CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencerreiterated for the umpteenth time that the company has the firm intention of continuing to bring the series of call of Duty on consoles Playstationeven after any completion of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Call of Duty will continue to make its way to PlayStation consoles

The executive has in fact stated that they will continue to carry the series of call of Duty on gaming consoles from Sony Interactive Entertainment in the coming years, specifying how the American giant intends to continue to bring the various chapters of the shooter series Activision Blizzard also on Playstation 7.

“I think the idea of ​​writing a contract that contains the word ‘forever’ is a bit silly, but making a long-term commitment that Sony would be comfortable with, and that regulators would be comfortable with, i have no problem with this.

We think Call of Duty will be on PlayStation as long as gamers want to play Call of Duty on PlayStation. And that’s not a competitive threat against PlayStation, it’s just a pragmatic way of looking at it.”

Furthermore Spencer also answered a direct question from the podcast host, Nilay Patelregarding a arrival on consoles Playstation of the next chapters of CoD just through Xbox Game Passstating the following:

“I’m referring to the native arrival of Call of Duty on PlayStation, not related to whether they have to carry Game Pass. If they want a streamed version of Call of Duty, we could do it too, just like we do on our consoles. I’m not hiding anything.

Modern Warfare 2 is proving that as it runs great on PlayStation and Xbox. So yeah, next game, next, next, next, next, next… they’re also coming to PlayStation natively, not having to subscribe to Game Pass.

Sony doesn’t have to port Game Pass to their platform for that to happen. There is nothing hidden. We want to keep CoD coming to PlayStation, without any kind of weird “aha, I got the trick.”