Call of Duty on PlayStation at least until 2026?

call of Duty It is one of most important brands in the videogame sector. The saga, which grinds sales after sales, is owned by Activision which, as we know, was recently acquired by Microsoft.

The purchase, driven by incredible figures, has sent Xbox fans into raptures and PlayStation console owners worried. After a while, the boss of the gaming division of the American company, Phil Spencer, he clarified that the saga will continue to offer chapters also on the machines of other corporationsat least until the end of the previous contractual agreements.

call of duty: vanguard

There are rumors of the last few hours clarifying the duration of the same.

Call of Duty on PlayStation. Until when will it be there?

According to the well-known analyst and leaker Tom Henderson the current ones contractual agreements would provide for the release of Call of Duty on PlayStation platforms at least until 2025/2026. First of all it must be said that nothing official has yet emerged but, of course, we can consider as true the fact that Microsoft wants (and should) honor contracts signed prior to the acquisition.

Xbox Series X

It should also be said that reading the latest statements from the company it seems that the will also be to go beyond contractual obligations, benefiting from the huge catchment area that the platforms PlayStation (and maybe Nintendo) can offer to Call of Duty.

The brand, of course, will also undergo a change in terms of image, with a not indifferent link to Xbox and its corporate identity and philosophy.

PlayStation 5

Definitely, we can only wait for further details and newseven because it is not clear if call of Duty will maintain its current annual release rate or if it will become one of the most important proposals of Xbox Game Passa service that has won the hearts of consumers and the gaming market.