Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Leak shows scenes from the canceled campaign

Traditionally, Call of Duty consists of a solo campaign and a multiplayer mode. With Black Ops 4, however, Activision broke with this tradition and canceled the single-player version without further ado. A leak now shows what the story mode could have looked like.

With all the success of Warzone and Call of Duty’s multiplayer, some players tend to forget that Activision’s shooters also always feature a campaign. The story modes, which last a few hours, offer the finest popcorn action and may not necessarily be a reason to buy a Call of Duty, but they always offer good entertainment.

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Many fans were all the more concerned when Activision decided to remove them from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The Battle Royale mode celebrated its premiere, which has developed into the incredibly successful Warzone over the past few years.

Nevertheless, many players are nagging the question of what a campaign in Black Ops 4 would have looked like. Reddit user Ok-Bass-4379 is now answering this, at least to some extent. He posted a video on the platform, which he says is from a very early stage of the story mode. However, he does not explain exactly where he got the scenes from, so a healthy dose of skepticism is recommended.

Recently found in-dev cutscenes and animations from Black Ops 4’s Career campaign.
by u/ok-bass-4379 in Blackops4

Even if we mainly see gray walls without textures and dummies for animations, it is interesting that a story mode was at least rudimentarily worked on. In later offshoots, Activision came to their senses again and once again offered soloists a reason to buy. According to rumors, Modern Warfare 3 will be released this year, the third part of the reboot series. Here we can probably look forward to a bombastic story mode again.

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