Breakpoint, Google would have lost all saves on Stadia

Google Stadia players have begun to notice that their save files of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint were completely disappeared. Tygrysek199620 first reported the issue in a thread on the Google Stadia community forum. In the thread in question, the user wrote the following:

Today, users of Stadia’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint had all their saved progress wiped away, due to an unknown issue. This has seriously eroded my confidence in Stadia. from Stadia

Hi, today I launched Ghost Recon Breakpoint and it was like playing for the first time. My old profile disappeared and the game created a new one for me. What is happening?

At first it seemed like this was a bug that was only encountered by a few Google Stadia players, but yesmore and more users have continued to report the same problem. Players in the comments section were devastated by the loss of their saves and kept complaining about the fact.

Some players, in fact, they had invested more than tens if not hundreds of hours on the game, and the thread was where the frustration of these users spilled over. The post, not at randomor, it had over a hundred comments and more than two hundred positive votes.

Both on Reddit and on the Google Stadia, company officials took note of the problem. An employee, JamesFromGoogle, on the Google Stadia forum claimed to have forwarded the issue to a higher authority and who would keep players updated.

However, More than 48 hours have passed and no updates have been reported on Reddit or the Google Stadia forum. Plus, while it’s been over two days without a single update since then, the thread is marked as resolvedwhich is undoubtedly worrying since, according to users’ reports, the problem persists.

In the current state of things we can do nothing but wait for news from Google, in the hope that it can restore save data for the Stadia version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.