Bloodborne on PC? The project already existed on Windows 7, according to Lance McDonald

There are several users who keep hoping for a version of Bloodborne, be it a remastered, remake, or PC port. For years the rumors about new arrivals of the game (especially on PC) created by FromSoftware continue to follow one another. Recently, Jeff Grubb wanted to dampen all expectations, telling users not to expect any news about it. According to Grubb, only FromSoftware could do a computer port and no one else, given how messed up the code would be. Lance McDonald, dataminer and modder who knows the game thoroughly, wanted to answer these statements.

McDonald’s managed to create a mod to hit 60fps on Bloodborne on PS4 in the past. In fact, in his Twitter post, he states: “I don’t know where the idea that FromSoftware’s engine is messed up keeps coming up. Not true, and there are literally zero technical barriers between the game and a PC / 60fps port and a PS5 port. Sony can do this at any time without From’s support“. McDonald went on to argue his point, stating that the 60fps version of the game on PS4 only required two lines of code to be changed.

McDonald, however, also said something that caught the eye. According to him, Japan Studio had a built-in game running on Windows 7 before the team was shut down by Sony. It is likely, therefore, that this version is present in the archives of the PlayStation house. McDonald says he has seen this release, and is convinced that there are already plans in motion for a future Bloodborne project, be it a PC or PS5 port.


Below the tweet came Jeff Grubb’s reply later. The insider wanted to apologize for the chaos generated, stating that he often speculates when it comes to the game. In the posts, Grubb said: “It was explained to me that it would be difficult to do without From. But I don’t know if it’s because it would be difficult on a technical level or if the team wants to be involved for various reasons“. In the closing response, the insider then said: “I never talk about Bloodborne on my own. It’s always something I’m asked, and I end up speculating and – in the moment – I forget that what I say will travel to every corner of the From fandom.“.

In short, the question, for the moment, seems closed. From FromSoftware, no statements have arrived on the matter.

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Source: Lance McDonald

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