Bloodborne coming to PC and PS5? “For Sony it would be very easy”

Jeff Grubba well-known American author and game writer, has issued statements during an interview dedicated to Xbox Game Studios updates regarding possible future projects of Bloodbornesuccessful video game by FromSoftware. According to the well-known US author and game writer, Elden Ringan open-world role-playing game released in February 2022, is taking a lot of time from the development team of FromSoftwarethat he is not actively working on any projects involving Bloodborne. Sony could decide to entrust the task of developing a port of the game to another development house, but according to Grubb this would not be possible due to the chaotic game code created by FromSoftware.

Lance McDonald responded to a tweet that summarized Jeff Grub’s statements. The well-known Bloodborne dataminer and modder claimed that it would be possible to create a port at 60 frames per second for the PC or Playstation 5. Lance, who knows the FromSoftware engine code lines well, sees no technical obstacles that could be caused by potential code errors. “Sony,” he tells us, “could develop the port at any time without necessarily having support from FromSoftware.”

McDonald has previously worked on and released a patch to play Bloodborne at 60 frames per second for the PlayStation 4 version, as reported in this article. He tells us that it was possible to create this patch by simply changing two lines of code. Japan Studiowho helped create Bloodborne, had even developed a version of the game usable on Windows 7, and Sony should still have that version in the archives. It also raises some criticisms to those who give information about these projects, pretending to have internal sources. Lance is pretty optimistic about possible future projects, be it PC ports, remastered versions for the PlayStation 5 or even a sequel to the series! We’ll see if time will prove him right or Jeff Grubb’s words.