Blade Runner, a new title seems to be in development

Announcement Soon?

110 Industriesa Swedish developer and publisher of cloud games, allegedly acquired the rights to produce a game by Blade Runnera project that is already under development.

The game, which according to the editors of Try Hard Guides would be revealed via an announcement at the new studio 110 Industries in Swiss, would be accompanied by a short cinematic trailer. This trailer is expected to be released to the public in the near future.

Not much else is known about the game, except that, apparently, the release date is scheduled for 2025. No further details are available at the moment, but it’s worth noting that Trip Hawkinsfounder of IT’S ATjoined the team of 110 Industries in May as a consultant to the board of directors, with primary responsibility for managing the corporate aspect of the firm’s publishing arm.

“I believe that [110 Industries] has the potential to have a major impact on the industry and I look forward to doing everything possible to help the company achieve this “he has declared Hawkins after the announcement of his entry in 110 Industries.

The developers also seem to share his enthusiasm: the founder and creative director of 110 Industries, Sergei Kolobashkinhe added: “From Apple to EA and beyond, Trip is the rare type of executive who has been both founder and man in the field. In building our brand and our corporate culture, we want to learn from the best, and Trip is perfect! ”.

The upcoming game of Blade Runner it is not the only project that the studio has in the pipeline: 110 Industries has three other projects currently under development: Wanted: Dead, Red Goes Faster And Vengeance Is Mine.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner Game Announcement Soon?

Meanwhile, the celebrated Tom Henderson revealed that the title’s release year should be 2025. Henderson explained that the announcement of the game was made internally, at the new studio of 110 Industries based in Swiss. A cinematic trailer was shown that didn’t reveal any relevant details about the game. The footage is expected to be shared with the public soon.

Henderson he also specified that we should not confuse this new project with Blade Runner: Enhanced Editionwhich is currently in development at Westwood Studioswhich is the remaster of the game of the 1997.