BioWare hires YouTube creator “Lessons from the Screenplay” to work on next Mass Effect

BioWare hires YouTube creator "Lessons from the Screenplay" to work on next Mass Effect

Lessons from the Screenplay” is a popular YouTube channel with 1.4 million subscribers founded by Michael Tucker. In his videos, the blogger has been parsing and analyzing scripts for films and shows for several years.

Over the years, Tucker has assembled a multi-person team to help him run his second channel on storytelling in games. In the latest video, Tucker and his colleague Alex Calleros discuss the first-person narrative in Cyberpunk 2077 with the developers at CD Projekt RED.

In June 2021, Tucker released a video in which he explained why Mass Effect has what it takes to adapt the franchise into a show format as a replacement for Game of Thrones. Together with Alex Calleros, he developed the structure of the series and worked on the character arcs.

That’s probably when Tucker caught the attention of BioWare, especially since he’s a scriptwriter himself. On March 12, the blogger announced that he had joined the studio and was now working on the next Mass Effect.

Tucker did not specify what position he took on the team, but it is likely that he is involved in writing the script for the game.

In February, BioWare revealed that the next Mass Effect was still in the prototyping phase, while the bulk of the studio was busy with full production of the upcoming Dragon Age.