Bioshock The Collection awaits you for FREE on the Epic Games Store!

Hi Hi Borderlands 3, e welcome Bioshock The Collection! Yes, this is the new completely free game waiting for you on the Epic Games Store.

Indeed it would be better to say three free games, because Bioshock The Collection is a mega package that includes the first three chapters of the saga in a remastered edition and with all the additional content. There will therefore be Bioshock Remastered, Bioshock 2 Remastered and Bioshock Infinite The Complete Edition.

The package will be yours at no additional cost only if you redeem it from the Epic Games Store within one week, that is before 4:59 pm on June 2, 2022. Once done, it will remain yours forever at no cost.


Bioshock The Collection is part of the initiative of Epic Games Store Mega Sale that we already reported to you last week. These offers will enable you to buy lots of titles discounted up to 75%moreover, for every purchase of at least 14.99 euros there will be an additional 25% discount in the cart.

For all those who missed Borderlands 3, we point out that on offer you can find the Ultimate Edition which in addition to the base game also includes all the DLCs and Season Passes released. This package is available at a price of € 39.99, but once it is placed in the cart you will get an additional 25% discount by paying only € 29.98.

Stay connected with us to find out what will be the next game of the Epic Games Store Mega Sale that you can always take home completely FREE!

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Source: Epic Games Store