BioShock: The Collection available for free on the Epic Game Store

L’Epic Games Store has just unveiled its free game of the week, although the plural should actually be used. BioShock: The Collection it includes not only the first two episodes of the series, which lead us to discover the sea depths of Rapture and Andrew Ryan’s failed dream, but also BioShock Infinite. The third installment in the series also includes the two-part DLC Burial at Seawhich takes us once again to that of Rapture and which sees Elizabeth and Booker busy following the tracks of a missing girl.

It goes without saying that, net of a gameplay that is not always brilliant, each of the three titles is an experience that is absolutely worth doing, especially if given away. BioShock: The Collection may be redeemed for free until the next June 2nd at 5pm.

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