Best stats in the Pokémon world: that’s who they belong to

We are waiting for the ninth generation Pokémon, which will establish the future of the franchise in the coming years, so I took a look at the past and present of the saga, to get a better overview: in doing so I noticed some rather interesting curiosities that I wanted to share.

In particular, today we are going to take a look at the world of statistics and we will analyze together which are the Strongest Pokémon ever.

In doing so, however, a clarification is necessary: Eternamax will not be included in this ranking, given that it is not a Pokémon that can actually be used in combat. Having said that I would say that we can leave.


Let’s start with the statistics of HP: with a total score 255 we must decree how the winner is Blissey. With this statistic of his exceeds of very Pokémon like Snorlax or Wailord as well as Legendaries like Zygarde in its complete form.

Starting from this data, we can also decide what is the maximum value of health points that can be reached in battle: we must take a Blissey and make sure to have on the HP statistic 31 IV and 252 EVon the other hand, the nature is not relevant, since it does not affect this data in any way.

Our Blissey will therefore have ben 714 HP: but if we are in Galar and we activate its Dynamax form we arrive at the astonishing figure of 1428currently on highest value attainable in a Pokémon game.



Let’s now move on to the best physical forwards, starting with 190 points in attack by Mega Mewtwo X, which is the Pokémon with the highest attack ever. When paired with a dodgy, naughty, bold or decisive natureand a maximized IV and EV distribution in this stat, we have the Pokémon with thehighest attack ever.

If, on the other hand, we do not want to consider the legendaries, with 185 we find Mega Heracrossas an Ultra Beast we have 181 points of Kartanawhile excluding alternate forms of the mega, legendary and ultracreatures, the highest attack is Rampardos with 165.



Now let’s move on to the major physical defense: we have 3 Pokémon tiedbut I know you’ll laugh when you know that one specifically has the same defense as the other two.

We have indeed Deoxis in the defended form, that is an alien from space who has specialized in this statistic that does not even come close to the highest value, nor Stakatakaan Ultra Beast with features similar to a gigantic fortress.

In fact, two of the three places are occupied by MegaPokémon, that is Mega Aggron and Mega Steelixmade of hard rock and metal: the third Pokémon to have 23o points in defense is Shucklethe Pokémon mold …

I would like to mention among other things that from the 4th generation this Pokémon can learn, by leveling up, Deception forcethe move that allows you to exchange the attack with the defense: so imagine I’m “thing”Which goes from having 10 in Attack to 230; to whom it seemed like a good idea I wonder …


Special Attack

Let’s now move on to the Special counterpart of the statistics and if for the Physical Attack we have at the top of the list Mega Mewtwo X, for theSpecial Attack we have Mega Mewtwo Y with 194 pointswhich if optimized with the IV and EV e a nature between Modest, Mild, Quiet and Ardentwe get the highest value.

Going instead to exclude the Mega Evolutions, we have Deoxis in attack form with 180, excluding the legendaries we arrive at Xurkitree with 173. Not even considering the Ultra Beasts we have to go down a lot, up to 153 del Ash’s Greninjawhile if we want to exclude any alternative forms, they have the highest value Cursola, Chandelure and Vikavolttied with 145.


Special Defense

Please ask Game Freak to fire anyone who is in charge of, or has been involved in in the past, with the distribution of statistics.

It is not normal to see once again in the list in the first place Shuckle: on the Special Defense is not even on a par with anyone else, given that RegiceThe closest Pokémon, has 200 of Def. Sp. that is to say 30 points less than Shuckle: Eternamaxwhich by nature of 9 generation games has out-of-scale statistics, given that its use is limited to a single event, has 250

An insignificant mold has more special defense than an Ice golem born at the dawn of the world: I have no words!



Fortunately, the highest value in Speed ​​does not belong to Shuckle: this is enough for me to continue writing in serenity.

What’s new in the 9th generation DLCs is Regielekiand it is to him that this primacy belongs with ben 200 points in speedwhich with IV and EV and a Shy, Lesta, Merry or Naive nature, dictates the current maximum speed limit.

Excluding the legendaries instead, the highest value belongs to the Hoenn beetle, Ninjask with 160 points: not bad I would say.



Now that we have defined who are the champions of each category, let’s try to sum up and see who has the highest value by adding all the various statistics.

With a tie we have with a total of 780 le two Mega Evolved forms of Mewtwo and Mega Ryquaza.

If instead we did not want to consider the Mega, the highest value would belong, rightly, to the current form of the almighty god with a thousand hands of the Pokémon world: we are therefore talking about Arceus which has a total of 720.

Mega Tyranitar instead he is the non-legendary with the highest total, coming in well at 700while if we do not consider the Mega forms, we have Slaking with 670



After this journey through the statistics of the Pokémon world I understood a couple of things: the first is that to assign the statistics to Pokémon, in the past, in particular in Generation 2, Game Freak went randomly, while the second is that Shuckle and the true god Pokémon and not Arceus.

Seriously, I would say that we have a good idea about which Pokémon are the strongest ever: now we just have to continue to investigate and discover which Pokémon have the worst stats. But that’s another story …