Belotti and Pergretti parliamentarians presented the new Bill

The Northern League parliamentarians Daniele Belotti and Simona Pergreffiwho had already moved on the lan-gate issue in the past, have exposed a Bill to fill the large regulatory gap that afflicts closed LAN rooms. As reported by EsportsMag, the Bill in question aims to clarify first of all that there is no correlation between slot machines and Esportsand at the same time try to give regulatory certainty to the virtual sports sector.

“The blitz of the Adm at the end of April in some of the most important lan halls in Italy stems from a legislative vacuum in the gaming world that has led monopoly inspectors to equalize esports halls as traditional arcades with table football, pinball machines and video games “declared the deputy and the senator of the League.

However, both figures wanted to clarify an important aspect: esports have nothing to do with these arcades. “Esports, however, are something else because they use normal computers, but of great performance, which cannot be approved”. And she’s not wrong, sight the infinity of possible builds existing in the PC world.


Belotti and Pergreffi then continued, saying: “In view of the technical table, we wanted to provide a legislative basis on which to work, taking as an example the only text of the law on esports presented in Europe, which is that of San Marino. Our law, in fact, draws ample inspiration from the Esports Code of the San Marino republic which is currently being approved by the local parliament, the Great and General Council.

“It should be borne in mind that exports have been experiencing an exponentially growing number worldwide in recent years”the two parliamentarians continue, highlighting how this can also open up professional opportunities for younger people. “In Italy there are about 5 million fans, with thousands of jobs, almost all occupied by young people”explain Belotti and Pergreff.

“A world that today urgently needs regulation, also in view of the upcoming inclusion of electronic sports among the Olympic disciplines”, which we remember has already happened with the Virtual Olympics Series. In addition, French President Macron has expressed his willingness to host Esports at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Going back to talking about closed LAN rooms, Belotti and Pergreffi pointed out how this Bill aims to outline the various components of esports in each of its figures and, at the same time, clarify how esports and slot machines are totally apart, thus detaching the export phenomenon from that of online betting. Furthermore, the Bill indicates how the Italian Federation of Virtual Sports should oversee the Italian export worldaffiliated with Coni.

“The bill delineates the various components of esports in 70 articles, namely amateur and professional players, teams, companies, competitions, prizes, match officials, while promoting the” good game ” in order to prevent and combat pathological phenomena and betting, to strongly emphasize that esports have nothing to do with slot machines. The Italian Federation of Virtual Sports, affiliated with Coni, is indicated to supervise the Italian export world, which will be responsible, in addition to the recognition of the companies and the various competitions, to respect the rules, also the management of the national teams to be convened for the European and world competitions “.

The parliamentarians then concluded, saying: “We are sure that in a short time we can get to give a regulatory certainty to this sector in so wide expansion and for this reason we were pleased with the willingness shown in recent days by a great champion such as the Undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali to participate in the technical table announced by Federico Freni “.

Source: Esport Mag