Battlefield V is the most played installment of the series in recent days on Steam

The title is living a second youth on Steam.

Quite unexpectedly, taking a look at the data of Steam you can see how Battlefield V is experiencing a real second youth on the famous digital store of Valve for Personal computermanaging to reach gods number of players at the same time decidedly important given the many years that have passed since its official launch.

Battlefield V is having a real second youth on Steam these days

In fact, taking a look at SteamDBthe famous online portal where it is possible to see many statistics regarding the home store Valvethe fifth installment in the shooter series by Electronic Arts And HE SAYS is reaching these days gods huge peaks of players.

And if you are wondering the reasons for this unexpected and important success of Battlefield Vwhich we remember having been launched on the market all over the world in the course of 2018it is in no way possible to exclude the factor priceas the game is now purchasable for just 4.99 euros compared to the full price fixed a 49.99 EUR.

But dwelling on the numbers, the fifth chapter of the series saw approx 20,000 contemporary players play it every day for a few months now, with the important discount mentioned above which has now allowed him to reach no less than about 60,000 contemporary players.

And these numbers are hells only at the peak of about 90,000 simultaneous players on Steam reached at the end of last year, but despite this they are far higher than the numbers achieved by Battlefield 1stopped at about 35,000 contemporary players, and also from Battlefield 2042the latest installment in the series that stops at 20,000 players.

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