Battlefield 2042, season 1 will add only one map

The players are disappointed

The first season of Battlefield 2042 will introduce only one additional map and will mark the end of the development of one of the game modes of the multiplayer shooter.

According to the roadmap of the Season 1 from Battlefield 2042released as part of a recent development update, the game will receive only one new multiplayer map in its first season of content. This along with a host of new weapons, vehicles, and a new playable specialist. It will be the eighth map in the game and the first addition since the shooter’s launch in November last year.

However, details on the appearance of this map are scarce. The senior producer Ryan McArthur hinted that it could be set in Canada and has been designed to bring out the unique features of Battlefield 2042. Here are his words:

“For me, this map is different from the other seven we created at launch. It has a lot of verticality, it has a good space for vehicles, but it also has those elements that make a Battlefield map great. “

“When you look at how you play this map, it’s at the level we expect of ourselves as game creators.”

Previously He says she had admitted that the multiplayer shooter’s maps were too big and she was committed to improving them with further modifications. This development update confirms that these changes are still ongoing and will be released in the course of Season 1. A new version of Kaleidoscopein particular, it will be released towards the end of the season.

The changes in Battlefield 2042

The fact that Battlefield 2042 will only receive a new map in the Season 1 it will be disappointing news for its players. Previous games of Battlefield received several additional maps each season, giving fans an avalanche of new content to explore. A single map will do little to allay the concerns of those who are already irritated by the game’s continuing bugs.

In the development update, He says then announced that it had stopped developing new content for the mode Hazard Zone from Battlefield 2042. While continuing to resolve the “Critical errors and strange behaviors” that appear, will not actively develop new content.

“All of us on the team had high ambitions and high hopes for this new Battlefield experience during our development, but we are the first to raise our hands and acknowledge that it has not found its place in Battlefield 2042 and that we will greatly benefit from focusing and concentrate our energies on the ways in which you are most involved “.

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