Battlefied 2042 Elite Edition & Season 5: New Dawn announced

EA and DICE have them Season 5: New Dawn in Battlefield 2042 announced, which will start on June 7th. From now on, the Battlefield 2042 Elite Edition available on PlayStation Store, which includes lots of premium content.

Season 5 brings plenty of new content to the game, including a new map, weapons, gadgets, usability improvements, and 100 new Battle Pass tiers. This core content will be available to all players as part of the free Battle Pass. More cosmetic items are available through the premium version of the Battle Pass, plus a special reward for all Year 1 Battle Pass owners who get an epic skin and XP booster in the first two weeks of Season 5.

Battlefield 2042 Season 5 highlights

In Season 5, the battles shift to the Czech Republic, to an abandoned industrial complex that has been scarred by war and nature. The new map, Reclaimed, was created by battlefield 4 inspired, and the battles are fought on a secret railroad track where players will need to work together with their squad more than ever to survive.

The derailed train setting allows for vehicular combat, while the forest area landing zone encourages close-quarters combat and opens up new lines of sight by destroying trees. In addition, the Abandoned Turbine and Military Warehouse offer diverse firefight experiences ranging from vertical combat and cover battles to a space-constrained, tight layout.

Battlefield 2042 Season 5: New Dawn

Season 5 also includes several weapons and favorites from battlefield 4 – all with a new look and sound. The XCE-Bar bolt-action rifle features new upgrades that allow players to cycle through upgrades to attack enemies at different ranges, while the GWE-46 – a classic battlefield 4 – Provides high stability for short salvos at medium range. The powerful BFP.50 hand cannon allows players to inflict massive damage at close range, while the Phalanx CIWS combined gun and anti-aircraft emplacement can also be used on the Retaken map in all All-Out Warfare modes.

In addition, the feather grenade, anti-tank grenade, and mini grenade offer a variety of detonations – from small grenades that bounce into the air, to clusters of grenades that detonate on impact, to micro grenades that travel faster and farther than regular grenades.

Numerous improvements

In addition to this content, Season 5 introduces several usability improvements, including a new squad management system that allows players to manage and customize their squads, revamped vehicle loadouts that improve combat roles, revamped archive weapons, new thermal technology, and heavy anti-aircraft weapons. Players can further define their roles in Season 5 with the updated class system, which separates the Specialist into Assault, Engineer, Recon, and Support classes.

Also coming in Season 5 is the seventh and final reworked starting map, Hourglass, with a new route under the expressway. In addition, the distances between targets have been reduced to improve cover, line of sight, and overall combat.

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