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The free-to-play “GUNDAM EVOLUTION”, which will be officially launched worldwide at 11:00 a.m. on September 22nd (Thursday) for PC, will be available on the official website.Advance download of the PC version clientIt began. A countdown trailer for the start of the service has also been released.

PC version client pre-download method

Bandai Namco has updated the official page today, with less than two days left until the official service of the 6vs6 Gundam team shooter “GUNDAM EVOLUTION”. We have started pre-downloading the client before the official service.

thisofficial pageWhen you access, there is an account page in the upper right, so from thereBandai Namco IDcreate. After creating an account, return to the official page.

next to the Bandai Namco ID iconfree download” to jump to the “How to start the game” page,Bandai Namco Launcher(BandaiNamcoLauncherNetworkInstaller.exe) can be downloaded.

When you start “BandaiNamcoLauncherNetworkInstaller.exe” after downloading,Bandai Namco Launcher” will start installing, so follow the instructions on the screen.

Launch launcher and install

When the installation of Bandai Namco Launcher is complete, there is a “GUNDAM EVOLUTION” page on the left side of the launcher. The capacity of the “GUNDAM EVOLUTION” main unit isabout 18.1GBIt has become.

In addition, gamers who participated in past tests can complete the pre-download by downloading the update file directly from the launcher.

Don’t forget to download it in advance so you don’t miss the official service start and see tears of time.

A countdown trailer where you can feel the love of Gundam

Along with the announcement of the start of pre-download for the PC version of “GUNDAM EVOLUTION”, a countdown trailer has also been released to add excitement just before the official launch of the service.

From Gundam to Unicorn Gundam, the stylish trailer that introduces the original animation scene of each mobile suit that appears in the game and cutouts from the game is worth seeing.

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