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YAGER announced that Season 3 of the free-to-play escape FPS “The Cycle Frontier” will start on March 29. This is the last time we’ll be doing a “wipe all at once” that will reset the game progress for all players.

The Cycle: Frontier Season 3

The Cycle: Frontier – Dev Update – Season 3 Release Date

This work is a free-to-play PvPvE escape shooter. Securing valuable natural resources and rich resources on an unknown planet where the storm of death hits, survive monster attacks and gunfights with Prospectors, and aim to escape from the planet.

Simultaneously with the start of Season 3, a “simultaneous wipe” that resets the game progress of all players will be implemented. Everyone stands on the same starting line, and it is a great opportunity for those who want to start new.

This will be the last batch of wipes for all players, which we used to do each season. In the future, in addition to in-game content that can be completed in a limited time every three months, we plan to readjust the environment so that it can be played over the long term and add quest lines for the end game.

key information

  • With the final mass wipe in place, the start of the season is a great time to start playing the game, especially for new players.
  • For existing players, adding new content, reviewing the balance of the in-game economy, and readjusting the environment so that it can be enjoyed over the long term will be appealing points. We will deliver a fresh and challenging environment for existing players, including the addition of new questlines for the endgame.
  • The final wipe, like the last one, will reset all items in your stash, inventory, and lodging upgrades. Cosmetic items such as billable currency Aurum and character skins are not wiped and can be carried over to the next season.
  • Matt Lightfoot, the lead producer, mentioned it in the development update video, but there are different possibilities for the future, such as adding a function that allows the player to optionally select a wipe and receive special rewards in return. I’m exploring.
  • In the third season, we will adapt a new game balance that can be enjoyed by new and existing players, add new in-game quests, and implement other content. We promise you will encounter different challenges on the planet as you explore and battle.

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Basic play free escape FPS
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Basic play free escape FPS