bad news about the release date

Tom Howardfrom Bethesda Game Studiosrecently released some important information regarding the future of Fallout, in particular Fallout 5. On top of that, details about the highly anticipated were shared Starfield.

IGN reported the interview with the most important details. In conversation with Ryan McCaffreyHoward followed up on a number of elements that were first learned during gameplay revelations of Starfield at the Xbox-Bethesda showcase, which took place last weekend. Specifically, Howard confirmed to IGN that Fallout 5 will be the next game from Bethesda Game Studios to arrive on the market, following The Elder Scrolls 6which in turn will follow Starfiel in 2023. We will have to wait a long time before we can get our hands on it. It is a rich and appetizing program for gamers.

Yes, The Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production and, you know, we’ll be working on Fallout 5 later, so our to-do list will stay pretty full for quite some time. We also have other projects in hand and we look at them when we can.

Fallout is truly part of our DNA. We have worked with other developers from time to time, although I can’t say what’s going to happen.

At Bethesda’s current pace of production, it will take many years before you can see Fallout 5and also for The Elder Scrolls 6 it will be necessary to be patient. Among the huge amounts of information that have been released regarding the Starfield from the Xbox-Bethesda showcase, however, the most discussed detail was Tom Howard’s announcement that the next science fiction game will include more than 1000 fully explorable planets. Different aspects of the game and what it will offer have been described, but Howard assured that players may very well decide to ignore those aspects in favor of the huge amount of completely handcrafted content if they wish. A journey through thousands of planets will surely give everyone a lot to explore and play.

There main mission Starfield’s is about 20% larger than other Bethesda works like Skyrim or Fallout 4. It should take about 40 hours to complete it, abandoning all side missions. The story is very long as there is a considerable amount of missions to complete. The role-playing games developed by Bethesda can vary a lot in setting and tone, but very often they share one thing: what is called the “moment of exit”, which is the scene in which the character enters the world correctly and sees the vastness. Starfield it will not go against the trend, so this aspect will be present.

Howard confirmed that Starfield had a moment of abandonment, given the scope of the game, but the presence of such an exorbitant amount of content leaves no doubt that the development studio has been working on it for a long time, and still works on it today. Howard confirmed that construction began in 2015, so development took more than 7 years.