Available today – PlayStation Zone

Through a press release, Modus Games and the Italian developer Reply Games Studio celebrate the official launch of Soulstice on console and PCthe hack’n slash available from today all over the world.

Soulstice is available today!

Below are all the details of the official press release:

£ Modus Games and Reply Game Studios are happy to announce that the spectacular action game Soulstice is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. In support of the highly anticipated launch, a brand new trailer was also unveiled showing the lightning-fast fights and striking graphics of Soulstice.

Soulstice’s elegant dark fantasy world will transport players to places full of danger and charm. As sisters Briar and Lute make their way to the Breach in the Sky above Ilden, increasingly insidious enemies stand in their way. These are the creatures known as Specters, who came to their world through a gash in the Veil. Only a Chimera like Briar and Lute, a powerful hybrid warrior born from the union of two souls, can oppose these vile and ravenous beings.

The most devoted protectors of humanity can purchase Soulstice’s physical Deluxe Edition, which includes a compelling digital soundtrack with 13 previously unreleased tracks, an amazing 70+ page digital artbook and the consumable Ashen Blade item pack. in-game, at major retailers around the world or at: store.maximumgames.com.

With a vast arsenal of weapons and extensive customization options, Briar and Lute will have an incredible number of ways to take out enemies in spectacular and creative ways as they explore a ruined city. However, as the duo fight their way to reach the Breach in the sky above Ilden, the challenge will become more and more difficult, and the surrounding environment will become more and more hostile and disturbing. “

Below you will find the launch trailer, we wish you good viewing.