available on PC Steam and Switch

¡oh matties! After more than a decade of waiting, the day has finally come to play Monkey Island again, one of the best and most acclaimed adventure sagas point and click. Starting today, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) players have Return to Monkey Island available, a delivery that returns to the hands of its creator Ron Gilbert, who acts as director and screenwriter, as well as other LucasArts veterans, including designer Dave Grossman and composers Michael Land, Peter McConnel and Clint Bajakian. Those worried about the critics, there is nothing to fear, the average rating is over 90.

Return to Monkey Island picks up the story of the graphic adventures The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. The campaign takes us several years after Guybrush Threepwood last faced his nemesis, the zombie pirate LeChuck. On the other hand, Elaine Marley, Guybrush’s wife, is no longer governor, while our protagonist feels lost and incomplete because he never discovered the secret of Monkey Island. As if that weren’t enough, some hip young pirates led by Captain Madison have driven out the old guard and Mêlée Island has gone to shit.

The story of the secret of Monkey Island will lead Guybrush to embark on a new adventure with the goal of uncovering the mystery of the island once and for all. This journey to find glory will take the pirate to explore known and unknown areas where he will chat with old comrades and with new people while he overcomes puzzles, bizarre situations and dialectical duels. Guybrush and LeChuck believe that they are the only ones who will face each other once again on the high seas to discover all the secrets, but the truth is that there is a new crew called Pirate Leaders who have arrived to spoil their party.

One of the highlights of Return to Monkey Island is its art by art director Rex Crowle (Knights & Bikes, Tearaway). Many have criticized the visual style of the game, while Ron Gilbert has not only defended it, but has acknowledged feeling “saddened” by the comments against the style chosen by himself. Another important aspect of any Monkey Island title is the puzzles, which will remain challenging but modernized. That means players will encounter challenging puzzles while still having fun and a logical sense to the game.

For players who want to have a copy of Return to Monkey Island in physical format, either in standard or collector’s edition, they will have to be patient. Ron Gilbert has confirmed their existence, but has also commented that “they will arrive much later”. On the other hand, the release date for Return to Monkey on PlayStation and Xbox is unknown today.