Atomic Heart 2 unofficially confirmed and interest in Tesla boots into DLC for number one

If it weren’t for the war in Ukraineě and the reason is not elsewherež in Russia, so it would be certaině the February robotics event became yetě a bigger hit, don’t you? what it is in the end.

The local editor and video blogger Aleksey Makarenkov got a chance to talk briefly with representatives of the Moscow studio Mundfish.

Whenž asked them about a potential Atomic Heart 2, expecting a vague answer, like it’s too early for that, etc. However, they surprised him by saying, the development of the two is planned. However, we did not learn anything concrete, because the creators are currently Loaded with DLC preparation.

With reference to VK Play, the same source brought information that the costs of creating Atomic Heart will increase. they paid, sameě as money for licensing various things in the game. It is said that it has its own sources that have access to this data, but it is not yet possible to independently verify this.

In the meantime, the founder of the studio behind Atomic Heart, Robert Bagratuni, made himself heard on Twitter that he would like to integrate Tesla shoes into the add-on.

He also announced Elon Musk, the owner of the micro-blogging network, but he did not receive any public reaction. The oldest richest person in the world is hunting for himself. He says he loves games, so he is sure Atomic Heart did not escape.