ASUS announces the world’s first 500Hz compatible 24-inch full HD gaming monitor “ROG Swift 500Hz”, realizing 500 depictions per second with the new TN panel | EAA !! FPS News

Only two and a half years after ASUS and Nvidia jointly announced the world’s first 360Hz compatible monitor in 2020, the world of 500Hz compatible has arrived.

“ROG Swift 500Hz” to further reduce delay

Nvidia is currently giving a keynote speech at COMPUTEX 2022 in Taipei, supporting the previously announced refresh rate of 500Hz.Esports TN panelAs the world’s first gaming monitor equipped with ASUS “ROG Swift 500HzWas announced.

According to the video released by Nvidia that explains the benefits of 500Hz support, there are two main advantages.By making 500 depictions per secondSharp depiction with little afterimage (blurring)WhenReduction of drawing delayis.

These two factors are very important in competitive FPS games such as Apex Legends and Valorant. Especially in the professional scene where winning or losing is related to one’s life.As a result, Nvidia and ASUS are older than IPS panels, which are increasingly being used as panels for gaming monitors in recent years.Adopted TN panelDid. The TN panel has poorer color development and viewing angle than the IPS panel, but the response speed is much faster than the IPS panel. And by adopting the new technology Esports TN panel, we succeeded in improving the refresh rate by 60% compared to the past.

As many PC gamers own 144Hz compatible gaming monitors, and even 240Hz gaming monitors with higher performance are still uncommon, ASUS will announce the world’s first 360Hz gaming monitor in 2020. Did.Only two and a half years later, the birth of a 500Hz gaming monitor sounds a bit premature, but for those who are enthusiastic about how to outperform their opponents in competitive FPS games.The most attractive weaponIt looks like it can be.

The price of such “ROG Swift 500Hz” has not been disclosed at this time, but it is expected to be a very expensive gaming monitor. I’m really wondering if 500Hz will be the natural world for the professional scene in the future, and whether Nvidia has a graphic card that can fully demonstrate the performance of 500Hz.


¥ 232,109 (As of 2022/05/24 18:58 | According to Amazon research)

Points up to 10 times sale! /


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ASUS announces the world's first 500Hz compatible 24-inch full HD gaming monitor
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ASUS announces the world's first 500Hz compatible 24-inch full HD gaming monitor