Assassin’s Creed Red will respect Japanese culture, assures Ubisoft

Ubisoft fears being accused of “cultural tourism”.

One of the most important announcements ofUbisoft Forward staged during the day of September 10 2022 it was without a doubt Assassin’s Creed Rednew chapter of the series that we remember will land on the market all over the world in the next few years, directly within the named platform Infinity.

Ubisoft fears being accused of “cultural tourism”With Assassin’s Creed Red

Unfortunately, however, the aforementioned announcement, which took place during the event organized by the French publisher, was rather stingy of informationbut thanks to a whole series of interviews in which some developers of the title took part in these days, some interesting news about it are coming online.

Precisely in this sense, in fact, during an interview organized with Axios it was revealed that the development of Assassin’s Creed Reddriven by Ubisoft Quebecwill be supervised by a directly located firm of the company Japaneven involving local consultants “in the interest of authenticity and cultural sensitivity“.

Being set in the Feudal Japan in fact, the developers of Ubisoft Quebec they will work closely with some local consultants, as well as collaborate with the Japanese division of Ubisoftalso placing itself as the first project that will involve the “internal team for diversity, inclusion and accessibility“.

And by exploiting all these skills, the French publisher wants to avoid being criticized for “cultural tourism“, So as not to incur the controversy that in the past various Western teams that have created works set in Orientas an example Sloclapdevelopment team of It was.